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    Bar And Nightclub Marketing

    The Only Marketing Consultancy For Nightclubs and Bars

Marketing for Nightclubs and Bars is a special skill set. With over a decade of experience growing venues and public spaces, B&N Marketing is ideally positioned to help you fill seats and dancefloors.

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Guiding Principles.

1. Education Wins

While we offer full agency services, we prefer to consult with in house teams and management. No one knows your clientele as well as you do.

3. Automation Works

From Email to social networking, automated workflows allow you to focus on throwing great parties and making awesome venues.

2. Iterate Constantly

Strategize, Design, Test, Iterate. Our analytics structure allows us to see what is working, and make it work better. Constantly.

4. Working Together

We believe in collaboration and collegiality – relationships are at the core of our work both internally and with clients.

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    What does an empty dance floor really cost?

  • “We knew our brand needed an overhaul and
    the team delivered exactly what we were looking for”


    - Jon Hopkins, Immunity

  • “Our click-through rate doubled in a matter of days.
    We are so happy with the results!”


    - Jesse Ware, Devotion

  • “They responded to our brief with enthusiasm. Their
    experience was invaluable for our business.”


    - Will Saul, Close

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    Ready for a Full House?

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